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Reliable product and process characterisation is the critical success factor for minimising sampling variability and maximising efficient process control. PAT, SPC, MSPC or process chemometrics cannot achieve this goal if not based on representative data. KHEC’s world-leading expertise is a continuing quest for representativity by counteracting heterogeneity under all conditions. The Theory of Sampling (TOS) can be applied to optimise sampling of all types of stationary and dynamic lots as well as for comprehensive analysis of manufacturing and processing variabilities – TOS is the key factor to identify solutions with improved efficiency and the only effective tool for guarding against unnecessary economic losses. KHEC’s analysis and auditing reveal objectively existing strongpoints as well as weaknesses with respect to current measurement systems and their performance. Identified deficiencies are immediately open to corrective action by invoking the appropriate competences from TOS, PAT and chemometrics. KHEC offers all necessary elements for this comprehensive approach: performance analysis/audit/report/ solutions. KHEC’s consultancy concept specifically also involves know-how transfer to its clients with the aim to become self-reliant.

Kim H. Esbensen is an internationally recognised expert in sampling, chemometrics, PAT (cv). He is a recipient of the Pierre Gy's Gold Medal (2013) awarded for “excellence in teaching and application of the Theory of Sampling”. In 2003 he inaugurated the highly successful series of World Conferences on Sampling and Blending (wcsb). In 2013 he founded TOS forum, an open access communication platform for the sampling and process analytical communities (tosf). Esbensen has been responsible for a university educational program straddling more than 30 years and has developed a widely recognised continuing education concept offered at more than 40 occasions. TOS, chemometrics and PAT courses are offered either as on-site, client-dedicated options and/or as university registered Ph.D. level course (khec science). An example of KHEC’s work can be found here: Proper sampling, total measurement uncertainty, variographic analysis & fit-for-purpose acceptance levels for pharmaceutical mixing monitoring ,

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