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Kim H. Esbensen’s impact as a world leader within representative sampling (Theory of Sampling, TOS), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Chemometrics (multivariate data analysis) is demonstrated in his CV, describing a professional career spanning 35 years in academe with a distinct international scope (~250 publications, ~400 lectures/presentations). His university teaching experience covers chemometrics, PAT and TOS, Instrumental analysis, Multivariate Image Analysis (MIA) and Philosophy of Science. He has founded and led three academic research groups, supervised ~60 M.Sc. and 15 Ph.D. theses. He has served as opponent at 25 Ph.D. defences. He organised and chaired two international chemometrics conferences (1990 and 1999), and served as Editor of the Proceedings of the latter (SSC6). He founded the World Conference on Sampling and Blending (WCSB), which is now in its edition; he was the inaugural chairman of WCSB1 (2003), Denmark and co-chairman of WCSB7 (2015), France; he served as Editor for the Proceedings at both these conferences. He has founded TOS forum, an international scientific and communication forum for the world sampling community. He chaired the taskforce responsible for the world’s first horizontal (matrix-independent) standard for representative sampling, DS 3077 (2013). From 2010 new application fields include GMO, food & feed. He is the principal scientist for an EU project on “Representative sampling for GM plant risk assessment” (OC/EFSA/GMO/2013/04) and he organised the taskforce responsible for the J. AOAC. Int. Special Guest Editor section: “Representative Sampling for food and Feed Materials” (2015). He has visited and lectured at many international research groups and university institutes and has given numerous dedicated courses (TOS, PAT, chemometrics) to major international companies, organisations, regulatory bodies and agencies. From 2015 he has re-established close collaboration with CAMO, a world-leading chemometrics company a.o. as responsible for the revised edition of his hugely successful textbook (33.000 copies, 2001-2015).

Esbensen recently started a phased transition from academe to an international consultancy, KHE Consulting, combined with visiting professorships, offering a broad suite of lectures/seminar topics as well as compact, dedicated Ph.D. level courses intended both for academe and industry; for Ph.D. students these courses are accredited at three universities. Esbensen continues as adjunct professor at Aalborg University, campus Esbjerg and at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).

Educational outreach: courses (academe courses, or dedicated for companies, agencies, other)

  1. Introduction to the Theory and Practise of Representative Sampling (TOS) (5 ECTS)
  2. Introduction to Chemometrics (multivariate Data analysis and modelling) (5 ECTS)
  3. Process Analytical Technology (PAT): TOS meets Chemometrics meets PAT (10 ECTS)

Educational activity is offered at university level (Ph.D. & M.Sc.) as compact courses (3-4-5 full-day duration/content) equivalent to 5 or 10 ECTS. Comprehensive, up-to-date curriculum literature is included. Course plans are developed in collaboration with clients’ wishes.

Educational outreach: lecture/seminar themes (1, or 2 x 45 minutes)

Special lectures:

Selected literature, lectures and promotional documentation:

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