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KHEC offers courses and advanced educational outreach in:

  • Chemometrics
  • Process Analytical Technology
  • Theory and Practise of Representative Sampling



Esbensen is the author of the highly successful textbook: “Multivariate Data Analysis – an Introduction” (33,000 copies, 5 editions, 2005-2017). The 6.th edition, published early 2018, is completely re-organised and re-written with a significantly extended coverage, now authored by Esbensen & Brad Swarbrick (with contributions from Frank Westad): “Multivariate Data Analysis – Introduction to Multivariate Analysis, Process Analytical Technology and Quality by Design”.

This textbook is used globally for university class room teaching, but is specifically designed also for individual study; both usages are backed up by a plethora of recommendations. Basic introductory courses in chemometrics, based on this book, are offered by CAMO. KHEC offers dedicated chemometrics courses to clients, mostly in connection with related TOS and PAT objectives and projects. Special course designs are agreed upon for each case.


Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Esbensen has been responsible for introducing PAT to scores of engineering students (M.Sc.; Ph.D.) at two technical universities, along the way developing a much used leading text: “Theory of Sampling (TOS) – the missing link in Process Analytical Technology (PAT), chapter 3 in Bakeev, K. (Ed.). “Process Analytical Technology”. (ref) The title tells it all. Courses, workshops and lectures on this topic have been given to numerous universities, companies, organization and authorities. From 2015 this course is given at the University of SouthEast Norway (HSN) as a 10 ECTS credited course for Ph.D. students; external attendees are welcomed. For the international audience this course is available as education consulting in the context of KHEC (often together with TOS approaches); special course designs are agreed upon for each case.


Theory and Practice of Representative Sampling (TOS)

This KHEC flagship course is offered since 2005, steadily developing its coverage and presentation of TOS, making particular strides in didactics and educational outreach. This course presents TOS in a systematic way focusing on comprehensive understanding of TOS’ six Governing Principles (GP) and how these guide optimal application of four Sampling Unit Operations (SUO). A hallmark of this educational approach is its intensely practical didactics with abundant examples and facilitating case histories, deliberately focusing less on the abundant mathematical background available but still paying full homage to the theoretical work of Pierre Gy, the founder of TOS. Covering sampling from stationary lots in general as a means of “learning the ropes of TOS”, the course focuses on industrial and technological process sampling in particular. This course aims at facilitating effective know-how transfer to scientists, technologists, engineers, process operators, managers. In collaboration with career-long friend and TOS fellow educator, prof. em. Pentti Minkkinen, the year 2018 will see a new fundamental textbook: “Guide to Industrial Sampling – full understanding, less mathemathics”.

Course description (updated 2019) can be found here.