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Theory and Practice of Sampling of Heterogeneous Materials and Processes (TOS)

(3-day comprehensive course; abbreviated formats available for 1 or 2 days)

Course objective:

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the Theory of and Practice of Sampling (TOS) for stationary as well as dynamic lots (process sampling). TOS is presented as a framework set of six Governing Principles (GP) and four Sampling Unit Operations (SUO) with which to secure representative samples and analytical results in all of science, industry, society, business and for regulatory oversight. The goal is to make all attendees able to design, implement and use fully only representative procedures and equipment.

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Virtual 1:1 session
included with sampling textbook

New teaching option: Virtual 1:1 session included with sampling textbook

Since the book “Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Sampling” was published in February 2020, there has been overwhelmingly positive reaction from many readers.

During the corona pandemic, most in-person meetings, seminars and courses have been impossible. As a consequence, many readers reached out by phone and e-mail, asking for clarification of certain topics in the book, in order to take full advantage of its benefits for their specific industry and business. These encounters, via phone, Skype, Teams, Zoom have been very instructive and valuable for all stakeholders.

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