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2020 Company Realignment

2020 corona disruption – a rapidly changing world

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus (~500 BC) said: “Change is the only constant in life.” Today, this saying describes the post-COVID-19 world in a very few, but very clear words.

Regardless of what term is used for describing the society emerging on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, the parallel global economic downswing and the rapidly intensifying climate crisis will drastically affect the conditions for most businesses and industries; the most precise term is DISRUPTION. This NEW NORMAL will continue to be characterized by a series of changes the likes of which our world has not seen since WWII.

In 2020, there is already a significant change towards a green(er) society, an energy sector not dominated by fossil fuels and first, significant moves towards a sustainable circular economy. However, the global population has reached a state in which we currently are in danger of transgressing key planetary boundaries and coming precariously close to use up a number of key, non-replaceable natural resources and raw materials. For some, at a rate corresponding to 1.2 – 1.6 Earths. 

What do we need to do?

The way forward will have to be in a much-improved ‘partnership with the Earth’. The political process bringing this about will be very difficult, but it will result in a significantly transformed society.

In the context of consciously developing, using and re-using raw materials, both industrially developed, as well as emerging economies will need to develop a new mind-set. The soon defunct old “normal” state of affairs will have to be replaced by a more conscious focus on a sustainable use of resources and on commodity re-use in order to contribute with force to the necessity of circular economy.

One of the paths leading to increased sustainability, involves avoiding all unnecessary raw material and energy waste, while supporting a strict, non-polluting environ mental consciousness both in traditional and in new, emerging industry sectors, locally, regionally as well as globally. For this, and several other reasons and purposes, representative sampling, will play an increasingly important role in science, technology, industry and society.

The role of sampling going forward

The most important change for the business outlook of KHE Consulting will be to address gradually changing materials for the post-corona industrial transformation. However, all raw materials, commodities and interim products on the emerging re-usere-circulation and re-generation scene will still be comprised of heterogeneous materials and process, i.e. the exact same type of targets as is targeted today. Thus KHEC is fully future-ready …

For KHE Consulting, the 2020 post corona business evolution will be guided by two of the United Nations world development goals, nos. 9 and 12, addressing Sustainable Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and Responsible Production and Consumption respectively.

While continuing to serve all clients’ primary needs for representative sampling, KHE Consulting’s role shall contribute towards fulfilling these two goals with maximum impact, also by an enhanced effort to increase knowledge and competence regarding representative sampling and a continuing broadening of awareness of the consequences of correct, and incorrect, usage of the Theory and Practise of Sampling (TOS).