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KHEC’s activities aim at a significant impact on key industrial sectors and individual companies, resulting in:


  • Reduced economic loss due to decisions made on inferior analytical data/information
  • Improvements in process efficiency
  • Reduction of raw materials waste
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Increased, documented ROI


KHEC’s activities have a significant impact via continued international academic interaction:


  • International external, guest and visiting professorships
  • Participating in national, EU or international projects and fundraising
  • D. supervision in combination with hosting universities


KHEC’s activities contribute towards improved norm setting achievements a.o. evidenced by:


  • Significant standardisation improvements in national and international bodies (DS, CEN, ISO) through implementation of TOS and reference to the unique sampling standard DS 3077 (2013)


KHEC’s activities are contributing towards increased sustainability in production and manufacturing:


  • Risk reduction and improved risk management through TOS , PAT and chemometrics-backed impacts on public health, food, feed, GMO by eliminating inferior (non-representative) information provided to decision-makers and regulating authorities
  • Representative sampling results in improved technological, industrial and societal re-circulation capabilities and economies, e.g. continuous waste screening on land and in rivers, lakes and oceans
  • Representative sampling is a proven aid regarding reduction in environmental impacts from technological and industrial activities. TOS contributes towards enhanced public awareness and CSR.