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New teaching option:

Virtual 1:1 session included with sampling textbook

Since the book “Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Sampling” was published in February 2020, there has been overwhelmingly positive reaction from many readers.

During the corona pandemic, most in-person meetings, seminars and courses have been impossible. As a consequence, many readers reached out by phone and e-mail, asking for clarification of certain topics in the book, in order to take full advantage of its benefits for their specific industry and business. These encounters, via phone, Skype, Teams, Zoom have been very instructive and valuable for all stakeholders.

As also KHEC’s professional travel plans have been cancelled or postponed during lockdown, and will likely continue for the next 6-12 months, this got the author thinking … which led to the concept of virtual 1:1 session available to all who acquires and has read the book – a novel net-based, interactive teaching approach.

Enthusiastic readers have been very kind to assess and review this new interaction format; here’s one.

This is the way KHEC will conduct its merited courses as long as safety first reigns and rules over international travels.

I hope to “see you” soon via this channel and will be happy to explain “why sampling” …